It has been quite some time since I have sat down to write in this blog. So much has happened and yet there are some things that have remained unchanged. I still look with hope toward the future. I still want the best for those whom I love. I still try everyday to be better today than I was yesterday. While clouds come, they also fade. While laughter and joy lights my path from time to time, so does sadness and grief. But, still no matter what the day brings, it all passes…

In life we must accept that we only have today, and it passes second by second and minute by minute and hour by hour; yet it is important that we understand that it is time and it is precious. One day, it will no longer be a part of our earthly lives, so we must cherish it while it is here. Today, be the best of who you are and stand firm in what you believe. Do not waste your time wondering what could have been or should have been; those moments are in the past, live now….live now, for time passes…


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