Pursue With Everything You’ve Got

As former Pilot H Dempsey did, when he was sucked out of a plane due to a rear door not having been closed properly upon take-off; he instinctively grabbed the door handle and held on tight. The incoming rushing wind signaled the co-pilot that he needed to land immediately, thinking that the Pilot had been sucked out of the plane and landed to his death. He called for emergency landing and a backup crew to meet him, and to their surprise they found the pilot holding on to the rails of the door, so tight that it took 10 minutes to actually pry his hand from the door rail. So what is my take away from this… when danger threatens your very existance, Hold On With Every Thing You’ve Got!
In times of great distress and disappointment, we often find ourselves wanting to give up on pursuing what we know we want from deep within. When circumstances seem to be too insurmountable, we tend to want to just stop pursuing the prize, (whatever that prized was to be).
A long time ago, I heard the phrase, “ A winner never quits, and a quitter never wins”! I must say that I do believe this statement to be true. History recounts story after story of people who did not give up when the going got tough. From the Ashes, people who failed miserably at several undertakings; both business and political, like Abe Lincoln went on to be the President of this United States; Walt Disney was not taken seriously by his contemporaries regarding his theme park dream for family entertainment; incredible stories of African Americans who broke the color barrier; inventors who struggled to be taken seriously and given a chance to prove themselves; some major business executives and television personalities who invested everything they had into a venture that if it had not paid off; it would have sealed their fate in financial ruin.
Today, many of us still contemplate walking away from our true desire for professional fulfillment all due to the hard and difficult circumstances that present themselves. But somewhere along the way, I also heard that anything worth having is worth fighting for. So, I encourage you to “hold on with everything you’ve got”! Your victory is ahead of you; not behind you or in your present place; keep moving towards it. If something is not happening that should be happening in your present set of circumstances; take a new look at the strategy. It probably needs tweaking. Take a look at the team; perhaps there is an additional person that needs to be added; or perhaps there is one that needs to be removed. Be creative, find other ways to advance your status, other than what you have tried so far. Yes, now is the time for out of the box thinking. Do some research; find out how other successful people have kept their dreams alive and how they kept themselves motivated to moving towards it.
Too many unfulfilled dreams are sleeping in the grave. I know because from my own experience: I heard one of my grandmothers tell me over and over again, that her greatest desire was to learn how to drive a car and get her license; she lived to be 68 years old and she never did. My father always wanted to travel across this great nation. His main focus was California, he would say, “one day, baby girl, I am going to California”; he never did. He died at 56 years old and the furtherest he ever traveled from his East Coast home town was 400 miles roundtrip. I had a another relative who was going to own his own business one day, only to end up giving up because they couldn’t get the family financial backing so they stopped trying and died in their late 30’s. There are many more stories like these; perhaps you too can identify from your arena of family and friends.
Success is not always handed out on the perverbial silver platter; sometimes you have to make your success by creating your own opportunities. You have to look beyond what you see and seek knowledge that you don’t already have. My question is, “how badly do you want to fulfill the dream inside you?” Do you want it bad enough to go the extra mile; to pray a little harder; to hang on a little longer giving it the best of yourself, no matter what?
I found that 3 major obstacles tend to get in our way; and if either of these are trying to find a resting place in the midst of your dreams: kick them out…
1. Lack of confidence: May I suggest the CD…20 Steps to a More Glorious You, email your request to me and I will send you the instructions for receiving this CD: bryant.met@gmail.com

2. Lack of knowledge: May I suggest getting a Mentor and doing some research. A mentor is a great resource and knowledge can be powerful especially when you learn how to use it wisely.

3. Lack of Funds: May I suggest “bartering”, offer someone else a portion of your expertise for a portion of theirs; and, also consider vendor opportunities to raise funds for your pursuits.


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