Bring It On

We all dream. Some of us have b – i – g dreams. Some of us move toward our smaller dreams and see them come true. But just how many of us who dream “big” dreams, keep going until the dream is a reality? Unfortunately many give up to the winds of doubt, lack of support and know how. Other priorities seem to keep getting in the way. However, life has taught me that you ultimately get what you settle for. Not giving up on yourself, and not giving up on your dream is one reason to keep going. Another reason to keep going is to show somebody else the way. Yes, somebody in your circle of friends need to see you…Bring It On! They need to see how you turn a dream into a reality. So many lives will be forever changed as you pursue your call. Along the way, others will come along beside you and help you achieve the goal, just don’t give up, give in or give out. So the the next time some person, place or thing tries to interrupt your dream, be prepared to face the challenge, and conquer it. Then all who know you will understand what it means to say to the opposition…Bring It On! I can face it and move through it and make my dreams come true and thank God every step of the way!
on a mountain


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