goalsDo you ever find yourself wishing you were further ahead than where you are right now? Do you have unfulfilled aspirations and goals? I have found that just wishing and hoping things will change is not enough…you must make a commitment to make things change.
CHANGE is not always welcomed with open arms because it requires effort. Many of us grow tired and weary at times because life has a way of heaping more on us than we can bear at times. But still, if our dreams don’t die on the vine, we still have the chance to make them happen. It can happen when we change our “minds” regarding “growth”. Stretch your mind today. Decide in your mind that you will move from this present place and move forward to your desired place. Speak what you want out loud. Write down on paper what you want. Read it out loud. Let yourself hear you speak your aspirations. Once your mind grabs it and accepts it, it will not go backward. You will move forward. Make a commitment to yourself to grow away from yesterday. Today is new and fresh and filled with possibilities. Tomorrow is just out of sight but it is within reach. And if by God’s grace we reach tomorrow, with “growing” as part of our decision, we will be further along than we are now. Commit to growth. It is the best way out of a stagnant place!

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