Shine Christian Shine

Today, I am reminded of words spoken by Ganhdi, “I like your Christ, I do not like your Christians, for your Christians are so unlike Christ!”  To me this is sad commentary.  To be called a Christian, and not be Christ-like.  For to be associated with Christ is to me, an honor.  Why?  Because to be associated with Christ is to be associated with greatness, life in its truest form, victory in even the most  impossible of circumstances, favor when all else has vanished or removed itself from your life.  It means having the power and the anointing to make a difference, in other words, SHINE!

Darkness has an enemy.  It’s name is LIGHT!  Anyone in Christ is as a bright light shining in a dark place.  Shine Christian shine.  Just how do we do this shining?  First we identify the darkness that is in our lives.

Do we spend more time with the ungodly than we do those who are seeking and searching out the truth of God word and will for our lives?  Next do we waste valuable time following after things that only bring about temporary pleasure?  Do we hurt, maim, lie, cheat, steal and take the Lord’s name in vain?  Are we lazy and deceitful.  Are we stingy? Are we faithful to those we love and even to those who are difficult to love?  Are we forgiving, or do we hold grudges?  These are just a few of the many questions we can ask ourselves as it relates to darkness in our lives.  Darkness prevents us from moving forward with purpose and promise.  You see we all have assignments in this world.  We were born to walk in the light and show someone else how to do the same.  We all have been given at least one gift or talent that will cause us to shine.  It  will get us noticed because we do it so well.  It doesn’t matter who else might have that same gift or talent; there is only one like YOU!  Nobody can do what you do exactly the way you do it.

You can shine by answering your call regarding your purpose in life.  I have encountered many who say they do not know their purpose, but they can know.  It will take some work on their part, by moving away from the dark hinderances in their lives and pick up the bible.  It ‘s time to read God’s holy word.  It’s time to listen to some worship and praise music.  It’s time to change the way we think, thus it changes our heart and direction.  The light will lead you away from defeat and hopelessness.  It will encourage your heart and help you have confidence in who you are and whose life you can make a difference in.   You won’t have to do this transition alone.  The Spirit of God will help you.  All you need is to be willing.  Yes, it is time to shine; you can shine like never before.  Take just 30 minutes a day to spend time in prayer, and/or read some passages of scripture.  Listen to it on CD.  Change the channel on the tv and listen to some ministry broadcasts.  Change the radio station in your car to a gospel station.  Just 30 minutes a day for one month, practice any one or two of these suggestions.  It will make a difference in your life and you will begin to shine like never before.  Once more, I am convinced that you will want to shine even brighter so you will continue to practice this new way of thinking and doing.  If you name the name of Christ and call yourself a Christian then, Shine Christian Shine!



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