Are You A Trailblazer?



. For several years, after this award was approved by the Dean of our Faith Based Institute of Higher Learning, I thought about being the recipient.  I had always been referred to as a self starter, a branch walker, a person who would step out on twigs, one who finds a way to make things happen even when the odds are against what ever it is, and one who would tackle projects that the likelihood of its success seem near impossible.

So when this award was approved and sanctioned I looked forward to being a recipient, but that was not the case.  For several years I watched and even nominated very deserving individuals and they all walked away with a feeling that I could only imagine.  I was happy for everyone who received this prestigious award, but I would be lying if I said I did not want to receive it as well.

As time went on I began to wonder about my effectiveness in my call.  I knew within myself that I took my duties seriously and I worked tireless on the behalf of others.  Often I felt as if no one knew of the work and sacrifices that I was making to get the job done.  Sometimes I even wanted to quit, but something inside just wouldn’t let me give up on others or myself.  I kept going and kept looking for ways to improve the Institute.  And somewhere along the way, I forgot about becoming the recipient of that award that I had coveted for so long.  I came to a place in my life where I accepted that God was the one who knew all about me and my thoughts and activities, successes, and failures, and I was alright with that.

I lost myself in helping those who wanted more from life and who wanted more from their own experience.  I sought out trailblazers.  By definition, they are persons who blaze trails for others to follow; they are pathfinders, they are pioneers in a field or an endeavor.  I encountered many souls who wanted to achieve more than just an ordinary station in life, and I made it my business to help them in anyway that I could.  I educated myself and then I educated others.  I researched and sought out ways to improve and then taught others to do the same.  I used the mediums available to me to communicate to others, words of inspiration.  I searched out opportunities to offer others an open door to knowledge and work that would offer personal fulfillment.

Many nights I would come home exhausted but it was a good exhaustion.  I’d fall asleep and rest peacefully.  The next day I would walk the track again.  And then it happened.  I wasn’t looking for it, I didn’t expect it, and just like that, there it was “The Trailblazer Award”, it was presented to me before a packed auditorium, many of whom I knew personally and ofcourse  many of whom I did not know, but the joy and excitement that filled that room, I will never forget.  I was practically speechless.  I don’t have the words to describe that moment.  It was well worth the wait.

What did I learn from all of this?  There is a time and place for everything.  The good that you do does get noticed, and eventually, if you do not lose heart, if you keep working and don’t get weary, if you guard your attitude and stay the course, the reward will come.  This particular award speaks to blazing new trails for others to follow, that’s what I want to continue to do with my life.  What do you want to do with yours?  What ever it is, keep moving towards it and what is for you will come to you.  Don’t lose heart.  Trailblazer recognition or some other recognition, what ever has your name on it will eventually come to you, if you keep walking that path and doing what is required.  Even the holy scriptures teach that every man will be rewarded for his deeds, good or bad.  Keep focused, stay the course, and your reward will come.




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