Ain’t It Fine Today?

This question was asked by  poet Douglas Malloch so many years ago, long before your time or mine.  But that question is still relevant today.  Why?… because we live in a world that is full of trouble, Lord knows we’ve had our share.  Most all of us have reason to complain about one thing or another but does complaining change anything?  We have had rain and we have endured storms but still the sun come out after a while.  Some days the load we carry is heavy, some days the sky is gray, but hey ask yourself this one question…”ain’t if fine today?  Life is not always cruel, sometimes its kind.  While there is meaness embedded in the hearts of some, if we are honest we will admit that there is also compassion in the hearts of others that offset their unkind ways.  “Ain’t it fine today?” Some may say no, but if you reflect on where you have been and allow yourself to see with your spiritual eye where God has brought you from, you just might change your mind, and agree with me that it surely is “fine” today!