What exactly is passion? Webster’s Dictionary defines it as “any powerful or compelling emotion or feeling”… which can be associated with love or lust.  But I say real passion goes beyond “feeling” and emotion.  It is that driving force that would cause one to keep going inspite of heartache or pain.  It is an inward drive that will not be denied because of circumstances or disappointments.  It is a reason to live, to get up every day and face the world head-on.

In my experience I encounter many who seem to be passionless.  They talk a good game but their actions do not coincide. They claim to want more than life has offered them but still they sit back and watch their dreams and hopes march by as if they are a mere spectator at a parade.  They offer excuses and blame for their dashed hopes and unfulfilled lives.  So they let the “passion” ebb away.

Passion is the fire within that can cause one’s life to be all aglow on the outside.  It is the energy and force of one’s very being.  Everyone at sometime or another has felt passionate about something.  The key is that when it is noticeably in one’s consciousness, that individual should hold onto it and follow where it takes them.  It will help them to meet and overcome every challenge and obstacle that threatens its existence, taking the person to a truly mountaintop experience.  Today, my friend reconnect with your passion and then follow where it leads.  You will be the better for it.  It is time to find your P.L.C.


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