There exists among us, the simplest solution to darkness…and that is light.  There is no need to fret and fume and stumble or even curse those areas that cause us grief and uncertainty.  From the beginning of time, man’s time, there has always been a solution to darkness.  It was clearly spoken by God Himself; “Let there be light” and it was so.  So today, what do we do when dark times crop up?  We fret, we fume, we complain, we wimper, we yell and scream, we curse at it, we do everything but “TURN on the LIGHT!  How do we turn on the light?  First we become still.  We survey the land/situation.  We use our mind and think, we use our voice to pray for guidance, we look past the darkness and use our faith to see the other side.  When we get a glimpse of what the light holds, we move toward it.  We don’t stay where the darkness is.  You can do so much more by acting against the darkness than just sitting in it doing nothing about it.  My position, why stumble in the dark, when you can stand in the light?


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