The dictionary has 5 distinct meanings for this word, the first and the fifth place definitions I will address in this blog.  First, to be overcome in mind or feeling.  ” We” all have felt at one time or another like everything around us is more that we are capable of handling.  This thought brings on the feeling of hopelessness.  One might entertain for a moment or two that they might want to give up on a project or person or even themselves.  And the other definition, “to overthrow”.

There are times when we feel as if we have been overthrown, that we missed the mark so completely that the effort to go back and try it again seems so exhausting and futile.  So it is at times like these that we must draw from the wells of wisdom.  We can’t listen to our own minds and thoughts when we are feeling this way.  We need a flood, if you will, of what I like to refer to as “truth reality!”  The truth surrounding your overwhelming reality, is this…It doesn’t have to remain apart of your circumstance.  There is a way out of it.  There is an open door but you must look for it and go to it, open it and look at the other side.  There is release on the other side, there is help on the other side.  Your help may be found in reading a chapter in the Bible, or by reading the inspirational words of someone who has gone through, it might be found in the sound of praise music, or in an “inperson”  helping hand.  You are not alone even though you might feel like it.  We are all connected to somebody, so unless you have lived a life that utterly excludes every single human being, there is someone that will lend you a hand.  It might even be a stranger. 

Just believe this… that being overwhelmed does not have to overtake your life.  It may have come into your life but like all things, this too shall pass.  Encourage yourself to accept that this feeling is only for the moment, not forever.  Pick up yourself and deliberately choose to move away from this place, go to that door and open it, yes look for the way out.  It is there and once you find it, you will feel better again…not so “overwhelmed!  Take a deep breath and embrace your solution, even though it might mean letting go of some things.


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