God Loves A Cheerful Giver

When was the last time you “cheerfully” gave anything away?  When was the last time you “cheerfully” gave yourself away?  Sometimes things are easier to give than yourself.  While things are nice, people need people.  Yes, even the old miserable cantankerous ones need other people too, even though they don’t act like it.   Even the young, think they know it all people, still need people.  The struggling, the workaholic, the career minded, the shy, the lonely, you name the category.

Sometimes its a smile that’s needed or a hug, or a helping hand.  Sometimes people just need someone to listen to what they have to say or they just need a shoulder to cry on.  Do you have time today to give yourself away?  Somebody needs a loving and reaffirming touch.  Somebody needs a helping hand.  Somebody needs to hear your cheerful voice.  Somebody needs to know you care.  You don’t have to search far to find them, just be sensitive to your inner voice and when you look up and look around they will be right there in your path.  Go give them what they need, and you will be glad you did.  Why?  Because you can’t sow into the life of another without having it come back into your own.  One day you will need what you are cheerfully giving away today.


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