You Can Be Better Than Average…Go For It!

Many years ago, when I was in high school, I had an English teacher who would only give out a “C” if you did all your required work and got an “A” on it, or she would give a “checkmark”.  The checkmark indicated that you completed the assignment but your grade for the marking period was still only a “C”.  Puzzled by this since most of my papers were “B”‘s and a few “A”‘s here and there, (I never got a “c” paper) so I didn’t understand what it would take to get an “A”.  Finally I mustered up the courage and went to her after class one day.   I told her that I didn’t understand how I could get B’s and A’s and check marks and still only get a “c” for my grade at the end of the marking period. 
  Her reply was this….”doing what is expected to get the grade and pass the course is necessary. It tells me that at least you understand the basics.   I am not here to see that you just learn the basics or just pass the course, I am here to see that you “learn” the course, that your thinking elevates beyond just a surface understanding.  So when you go beyond what is expected,  you will get a better grade, (from a “c” to a “b”) but better yet, when you can teach the teacher you will get an “A”! ”  You are better than average, but you are not yet ready to teach your teacher.”
I never forgot those words.  I thought at the time that they were too hard to live up to, but none the less, I found myself as I have traveled through life to always do more than what is expected and never just settle for average.  When I get to the place of being good at whatever the task, then I set my sights to go even further.  I stopped settling for average a long time ago, perhaps you should to.  Once you give all you have, dig a little deeper, and you will find that you still have more to give.  Average is for Average folk, better than average is for better than average folk, but Execellence is for those who have gone above and beyond so much so that even the teacher is both amazed, enlightened and proud.  Go for it!

It’s Your Choice

No matter whose advice you follow; ultimately the choice is yours.  Many people often blame others for the outcome of their situations because they heeded advice and input that was not their own.  Face it…you will continue to live the life of someone  else or you will find the courage within to follow your own path.  Advice can be both good and helpful, but put it in its proper place; its just that…advice.  It is an option to ponder.  Just as Robert Frost did when he wrote “Two Roads diverged in a Yellow Wood”…He could not travel both, he had to choose one and he did.  He chose for himself the one less traveled by…  So now life hands you choices, and people give you advice but, remember it is you who ultimately decides to take it or leave it.  So whatever the outcome, you are responsible for the result.  Choice is powerful, use it wisely.