It’s Time To Leave The Nest

Many people are like baby birds when it comes to finding their place and way in society.  Baby birds become so accustomed to the nurturing of the momma bird who has provided a cozy nest for their home and living, that they are satisfied to leave things status quo.  They don’t branch out to fend for themselves as she also provides the young with food.  Her efforts takes good care of them.  But something happens after a while; momma bird decides that it’s time to leave the nest.  She stops bringing the food.  She nudges them out of the nest to use their wings.  If they don’t learn to flap their wings, they fall to the ground.  If they are not hurt to the point of a broken body or wing, they are nudged again to take wings and fly.  Some actually limp around and spread their wings until instinct takes over and they fly.  They then come to the understanding that they must now fend for themselves.  Humans unfortunately, don’t always fly for themselves.  They become accustomed to a way of life and their comfortable space in it, and won’t venture out beyond what’s familiar.  In some cases this might be the way to live a life but if you are an entrepreneur, or inventor or a person of dreams and great passion to accomplish great things and … to make a living at it, you must leave the nest.  Why?  Because you need to find your tribe.  Every business needs a tribe.  A tribe is another way of saying you need a following.  Somebody needs what you have, be it a service or a product.  But unless you can reach them and sell them on what you have to offer, you may never be able to make a living doing what you love.  The nest is only a temporary holding place.  The other nesters around you won’t be your tribe, they will stay dependent on someone else to take care of them.  But if you want to accomplish greater than what you have now and live your life to the fullest; you must leave the nest.  Don’t wait to be throw out, it may not happen.  Are you by any chance a nester?  If so, this message is for you.  Do you know someone who is a nester and needs a nudge?  This message is for them, pass it along.  Remember, if you want to find your tribe, you must first leave the nest!


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