Embrace Your Fear(s)

Fear is real even though some have used the letters to suggest otherwise (False Evidence Appearing Real).  Fear is not false.  It is real for those of us who have experienced it.  It can stop you from moving forward.  It can hinder your growth or progress in life.  It can render you helpless in times of great decision.  I have learned that the only real way to deal with fear is to Face IT!  Embrace IT!  Yes, you have to swallow what ever pride or thoughts you have inside you concerning that thing that stands before you and your goal and go to it.  It all starts with the mind, the heart will follow.  Remember that you are the sum total of what you believe, and you can accomplish great things.  Accepting less than this truth about yourself will cause you to allow fear to get ahold of your life.  Decide today that what you desire is worth pursuing, no matter what comes up in the form of fear.  Look at the goal not the obsticle, then proceed with confidence, knowing that “no good thing will be held from you, as you walk upright!”  That’s a promise from God!


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