Spritual Stillness

When was the last time you were sitting in the chair of your optometrist or ophthalmologist?  “Be Still” was the command you were given just before a bright light was coming directly into your eye, first one and then the other.  Isn’t it quite interesting that he/she gets our cooperation without questioning, or without resistance of any kind.  We do what we are told because somehow we understand that it is vitally important not to move during this particular part of the examination.  Our eyesight is just that important to us.  So why then is our response to the command from God telling us to “Be Still” and “Know” … such a hard task for us to do? 

 Why are we not as cooperative in spiritual matters that hold the key to our success in life and our healing ?  Some of us fear what might happen if we stop working or if we slow down and get that must needed rest.  Some of us think that the world around us can’t get along without us for a second, a minute, an hour, a day or even a week.  To some of us a vacation is a foreign word.  “I can’t take off now”, it’s not a good time!”  When is a good time?  The body needs rest, so God calls us to spiritual stillness.  We should listen, if we want to be spiritual fit and spiritually healthy and spiritually clear about our direction and course in life.  Keep in mind that our greatest strength may be in our ability to stand still and hear our inner voice and trust God.


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