If Your Life Were A Tapestry

If you could stand back and take a look at your life, from a weavers perspective, what would you see?  Would you see colors like red, green, yellow, orange or blue?  Would the red be more for passion & love or would it be anger and hatred?  Would the green represent greed, jealousy or a life well lived?  Would the orange generate warmth or would it be a prelude to fire out of control?  And the yellow which represents hope, would there be hope for today, tomorrow or whenever it is needed?  Blue is calming and cooling.  How calm is your life, how cool is your temper?  Would there be any black or white in the pattern?  Is there too much darkness in your life or is your life pure and open for the scrutiny of the Master’s eye?  Would there places for fun & laughter, or would it just be gloom and doom?  Would there be true friendships, loving kinships, or just acquaintances?  Would one find comfort in your presence or just vexation for the soul?

Is there something beautiful about your life that would draw one into your presence, and once drawn would they want to linger?  If your life were a tapestry, would one smile at the beauty of you and long to take you home?  And if you belonged to another would they want someone as wonderful and as gifted and as sweet as you to be a constant in their life?  If your life were a tapestry, just how beautifully inviting would you be?


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