Keep Pressing

If you want to succeed, then failure is not an option.  Even though in our quest to accomplish certain goals, we occasionally miss the mark.  Missing the mark does not mean that you failed.  It means that you must re-evaluate and try again.  Perhaps there is something that you missed, or overlooked.  Perhaps you need more training or assistance of some kind.  Whatever it is, you do the investigative work to find out what you need to reach that goal.  Then put it in the equation and go for it!  Remember, unless you stop pressing toward that goal altogether, you have not failed.  It’s just that you have yet to attain it!  Keep pressing!


One response to “Keep Pressing

  1. Thank you for the reminder to “Keep Pressing”. As I get older and look back over my life, I am grateful for the expriences I’ve had but life is about living and I am eager to live my life to the fullest. Yes we are going to make mistakes but if we reflect and grow from them then we win and by sharing our misfortunes we help others as well. A failed attempt is more valuable than no attempt at all. When a baby who is learning to walk falls we encourage them to get back up and try again until they master that particular skill. Life has many lessons we need to learn so we should remind ourselves that we all fell as babies but we got back up!


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