Never Give Up

The mind is bombarded daily with all kinds of thoughts, some good, some not so good.  One, not so good thought, that crops up from time to time  is called “give up”.  Have you ever heard that ole saying, “anything worth having is worth fighting for?”  I have come to know this to be true.  Good things will come to you in your life if you are indeed sowing the seeds that can bring that good to you, but you can’t give up.  Just before the fruit manifests itself, just before the crop breaks through the ground, just before the good news arrives, it seems that the tasks get harder.  Our strength wains.  Sometimes doubt and fear creep in but we must remember, “we will reap, if we faint not!”  We have got to keep going toward the object of our desire.  I remember that I wanted to give up on my dream to see a stage play that I had written, performed on stage.  The task to get it to the stage was cruelling.  At the time I wrote it, I had not taken into consideration all the aspects there were involved in getting the play on stage before a live paying audience.  It did not happen overnight.  In fact it took almost two years to see it come to the stage, and I was working to make that happen practically on a daily basis.  There were casting issues, director issues, venue issues, money issues, marketing issues, rehearsal issues, people issues, set design issues.  It was so overwhelming after a while.  But I had a cheerleader/coach in my corner.  He wouldn’t let me give up.  I saw my play come to stage several times and audiences loved it.  Read about it at I encourage you to never give up.  Dreams do come true.


One response to “Never Give Up

  1. Wow your story reminds me of Joseph in the Bible. Joseph had a dream and it too came true but only after he was ridiculed, thrown in a pit to die, sold into slavery, lied on, falsely imprisoned, and forgotten by those he had helped. MLK Jr. had a dream and he died for it but look at how his legacy lives on. It would seem that the dream is not only for the dreamer but also for those whose lives will forever be touched by it because you dared to dream. Thanks for dreaming and working towards seeing the dream come alive.


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