He Who Knows

I recently rediscovered an old persian proverb.  It bears repeating, because everyone should stop from time to time to evaluate where they are, where are they are going, and who will be the vehicle to help them get there. 

“He who knows not, and does not know that he knows not, is a fool, shun him.”  “He who knows not, and knows that he knows not, is a child, teach him.”  “He who knows, but does not know that he knows, is asleep, awake him.”  “But he who knows, and knows that he knows, and is not arrogant, is wise, follow him.”

If we look closely at these words  we might find ourselves.  Some of us a followers by nature.  Some of us are leaders by nature, but we all have something in common.  We have the responsibility to ourselves to learn, grow and become what we were meant to be.  Being too proud to confess when we are ignorant of certain things, won’t help us to learn it.  Choosing to remain impatient and immature won’t help us learn beyond our ignorance; nor will we learn if we choose to remain in a place where our senses remain dull and unmoved.  The choice is yours, stop being a fool if that is where you are, stop being a child if that is where you are and wake up if you find yourself asleep when you should be awake and then, find one who knows and get going and get growing.



You were never met to walk in darkness.  You are light, so Shine, Shine, Shine.  You are a gift, so present yourself to be opened and enjoyed.  You are important to somebody, so be to them who you were meant to be…their example!

                                                                                                                                                                                    Marci Tilghman Bryant

Four Stepping Stones to Reaching Success

Consider these four stepping stones when preparing for your heartfelt business or social venture. Take a deep breath, roll up your sleeves and go for it!

1.  SEE IT…what do you want?, what opportunities are set before you to obtain it?, what are the potential barriers that would keep you from it?

2.  OWN IT…what’s true for you in this equation?, what is your role in creating the business/social life that you desire?, what is your commentment to the tasks necessary to bring this about?

3.  LIVE IT…what is the definition of your inspired life?, what are you empowered to do?, what are your choices that reinforce who you are and what you do?

4.  BE IT…what will it take for you to show up?, what will you do consistently to keep on track?, what are you willing to sacrifice to be the person you were born to be?

Answer these questions for yourself and then do the work and watch success land on your shoulders.

Look For The Good

“There’s so much good in the worst of us and so much bad in the best of us, that it hardly behooves any of us to talk about the rest of us!”  I heard this saying many, many years ago and it has stayed with me.  I constantly look for the “good” in everyone I meet.  In my work, I try to show that even with the problems of life, there is always hope; that there is something “good” that can be gleaned from each and every experience.  Some “good” people do bad things.  Some “bad” people do “good” things.  So we just can throw out the “good” with the bad, when we find it.  I am not embracing that we should contend with the “bad” but we should come to a place of recognizing it and dismissing it from our lives.  However, we should all learn from the bad, no matter where it came from, while we hold fast to the “good!”. 

As long as there is life there is hope, hope that someone who embodies the “bad” will change and become more acquainted with the “good.”  Change is difficult sometimes, but with God all things are possible to those who believe.  I believe in “good!”  I look for it everyday!  You should too!

Things Happen

Sometimes things just happen.  Sometimes things just don’t go the way they were meant to according to our plans.  But it is how we deal with the set back that makes the difference. 

 We can react in a manner that would make things worse or we can step back, observe and reflect on what took place.  With a clear head and a mild temperment we can get through just about anything, and still be in tact.  However, when all else fails,  just remember the “prayer of serenity”; God grant me the serenity to change the things that I can, to accept the things that I can not, and the WISDOM to know the difference.”  When you know the difference regarding the things that you can not change, change your attitude toward it and you will find a way to handle it.