Bring Yourself to the “Party!”

When you read the content of this particular blog, you might ask yourself, why is the title, “bring yourself to the party” when it has nothing to do with “partying?”  Well, I had to get your attention didn’t I?  This is about public speaking and you!

Many are so comfortable with their small groups and the familiar, that when asked to go “public”; in other words, speak before an audience of strangers, they clam up.  Fear and panic grabs them by the throat and they go to that place of shaking the head from side to side, putting the left or right arm straight out in from of them and back away while their mouth repeats the same words over and over again, no, no, naw, no way, not me…..

Sound familiar?  Well let me attempt to shed some light on this subject for you, so that the next time you are asked to put your beautiful self before a group to share something precious and interesting, you will not say NO, but stand up and deliver.  One of the major roadblocks for many has been a lack of “confidence”.  Some people are surefooted and well adjusted in their own crowd, regardless of how small, because they believe they are accepted, warts and all.  So what, if what they have to say doesn’t come across exactly the way they meant it to, its no big deal, these are my friends.  They know me I know them, its okay.  So all I have to do is show up at the “party” and be myself! 

Hey, guess what?  That’s all you have to do when you get the opportunity to speak to a group of people you don’t know, just bring yourself to the equation.  There is only one of you.  Nobody in this world is exactly like you.  You have a presence that is uniquely your own.  And according to research, at least 5 people in your immediate circle are watching you all the time, when you come into a group of strangers, at least 5 or more will hear what you have to say.  Look over the heads of the crowd and be yourself.  Yes, just be you.  You are no lightweight in the area in which you have been called to speak, otherwise, the person who asked you do this would not have.  They obviously saw and heard something that they believed others could benefit from.  Now that you have been given the opportunity, you need to grab it, be grateful for it, take a deep breath and walk up to that podium as YOURSELF and give them the best of YOU.  Somebody will hear, somebody will benefit, and you will have made a difference by not running away from the new “party” but by being an active participant, in this brand new location.  It’s a party, you’ve been invited, you have accepted the invitation, now enjoy it with your new friends.


YOU Are The One Who Can!

I have heard it said many times, that if you want something different, you must do something different.  Many individuals say they want change, but only with their words.  Their actions do not line up with those words.  Many continue to do the same ole habits, hang around the same ole haunts, sit in front of the same old tv programs, spend hours on end on the phone in idle gossip, in other words,  they follow the same routine, the same path and wonder why they can’t achieve anything.  Even the bible tells us that faith without works is dead. 

Everyone of us has the power to change our lives at any given time, if they are not satisfied with it.  While there may be a few things beyond our control, for the things that aren’t, one can make a real difference.  But why don’t those who say they want change, change?  More often than not I have found the root cause is in one word…laziness.  It takes effort.  It takes work.  Breaking with habits and traditions, and with what has become easy or status quo, is not going to just happen.  One must put forth effort to break a cycle that they no longer wish to continue.  Once the plan is decided, the steps must be taken to ensure that something new and different is put into motion.  Once the motion happens, there must be continuous movement toward the new direction.  Even when opposition comes, still movement in the new direction must continue.  Thus when one stops doing the work necessary to bring about change, then change eludes them.    What they have become to accept in their current situation remains the order of the day.  So the next time you decide you want to change something about you or your life, remember that you are the only one who can do it and you also must do the work that it requires for the change to occur.  Otherwise stop the lip service and just continue to live with whatever state you find yourself in.  You can change your life and your circumstances, if YOU really want to, if you really will do the work necessary to make it happen.  You are the ONLY one who can!

Adversity is no…

Adversity is not popular among humans.  They tend to hide from it, run from it or just outright curse it.  However, many fail to realize that every adversity carries within it, a seed to a greater reward or blessing for one’s life.  It has also within it, the power to overcome, promotion, greatness, and peace.  What you must do is learn from the adversity, then plant what you have learned, so that it goes into your future and prepares for you a harvest like none you have ever known.  So the next time, don’t run or hide from adversity.  It’s your seed to a very desirable harvest filled with blessings.